Everything you should know before ordering a caricature

Photos and information

· Collect 3 or 4 photos, as current as possible and with the best quality that you can get. You must remember that these photos are the only visual reference to create the caricature.
· Make sure that your face can be seen clearly and in detail without any obstacles, and in its true expression.
· Should you send us several images, It will be very useful if you indicate the photo that you deem more appropriate for the caricature.
· The quality of images have a great influence on the final result. Please, bear it in mind!
· Complete all the information to help me customize and detail the caricature better.
· It’s essential that you complete your delivery data for our reference.


· Digital sketch
Using a graphics tablet. The caricature is created by small lines forming volumes, lights and shadows. During the process of comission you must choose if you prefer white lines on black background, or black lines on white background.

· Digital painting
Use a graphics tablet, with a wide range of colors, brushes and specialized tools to give the portrait a unique sharpness, similar to photography.

· Pastel on paper
Pastels are powdered pigments mixed with gum or resin to coalesce into a dry and compact paste that is used on special paper.

· Oil on canvas
In oil, pigments are mixed with vegetal oil resin. It is applied to cotton or printed linen canvas, using brushes and other tools.

Size and surfaces

· Digital sketch
The work is done on A3+ (45 x 32 cm.) with a resolution of 300 ppp.

· Digital painting
The work is digital done and printed on photographic paper on A3+ (45 x 32 cm.) with a resolution of 300 ppp.

· Pastel on paper
The work is done on “Canson” paper (65 x 45 cm).

· Oil on canvas
The work is done on printed canvas (73 x 54 cm).

For other sizes, please send us a message on the contact section.

Delivery deadline

The delivery deadline is subject to availability and workload. The shortest leadtimes are:

· Digital sketch
24/48 hours

· Digital painting
3 days

· Pastel on paper
6 days

· Oil on canvas
9 days

These are orientative. The process starts with the payment confirmation. You will receive the final date with an e-mail confirmation.


· e-mail. Only for sketching and optional for digital painting.

· Express delivery. You’ll pay the shipping charges to the courier when they deliver the package.

Peninsular shipping: 6 €.
Island shipping (Balearic and Canary Islands): 10 €.
International shipping: see (depending on countries).


· Digital sketch: 40 €.

· Digital painting: 90 €.

· Pastel on paper: 140 €.

· Oil on canvas: 190 €.

· Creation or adaptation of a scene: from 20 €.

· Design and layout of postcards or invitations: from 30 €.

All example prices are applicable per each caricatured person..

Payment methods

· PayPal/card

· By bank transfer

· Cash on delivery
The assignment price increases you will have to pay it to the courier when they delivers the package.

Privacy statement

· The personal caricatures that you can see in this website have been explicitly authorized. The photos will never be showcased.

· Kike Payá “kikelín” is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of personal information of his clients..