Everything you should know before ordering a caricature

Photos and information

· Collect 3 or 4 photos, as current as possible and with the best quality that you can get. You must remember that these photos are the only visual reference to create the caricature.
· Make sure that your face can be seen clearly and in detail without any obstacles, and in its true expression.
· Should you send us several images, It will be very useful if you indicate the photo that you deem more appropriate for the caricature.
· The quality of images have a great influence on the final result. Please, bear it in mind!
· Complete all the information to help me customize and detail the caricature better.
· It’s essential that you complete your delivery data for our reference.


· Charcoal on paper
Made with Conté charcoal pencils of different texture and opacity on special Canson paper in size 40x30cm.

· Digital painting
Use a graphics tablet, with a wide range of colors, brushes and specialized tools to give the portrait a unique sharpness, similar to photography.

· Oil on canvas
In oil, pigments are mixed with vegetal oil resin. It is applied to cotton or printed linen canvas, using brushes and other tools.

Size and surfaces

· Charcoal on paper
The work is done on A3 (45 x 32 cm). Delivered with complimentary framing with passe-partout (50×40 cm)

· Digital painting
The caricature is printed on high quality paper A3+ (45x32cm) and complimentary framing with passe-partout (50×40 cm).
Shipping can be done by email to avoid charges.

· Oil on canvas
It is applied to cotton canvas (3D) using brushes and other tools (70x50cm)

For other sizes, please send us a message on the contact section.

Delivery deadline

The shortest leadtimes are:

· Charcoal on paper
7 days

· Digital painting
7 days

· Oil on canvas
14 days

You will receive the final date with an e-mail confirmation.


· e-mail. Only for digital painting.

· Express delivery.

International shipping: see (depending on countries).


· Charcoal on paper: 90 €. per caricatured person

· Digital painting: 140 €. per caricatured person

· Oil on canvas: 290 €. per caricatured person

Payment methods

· Bizum (616036115)

· By bank transfer

Privacy statement

· The personal caricatures that you can see in this website have been explicitly authorized. The photos will never be showcased.

· Kike Payá “kikelín” is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of personal information of his clients..